Impotence in young men

Impotence in young men


A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (July, 2013) notes that the impotence in young men more common than previously thought. The survey also showed that the rate of abuse of certain substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco) was more frequent in younger men who have problems with impotence than older.

Possible causes of impotence

Problems with the potency may be conditioned by the physical, but also psychological causes. The former include cardiovascular problems and diabetes (but are not limited to), while the other root is usually prolonged exposure to stress or depression.

What causes impotence in young

According to experts, most often it is a psychological causes, which include emotional trauma, nervousness or anxiety about the outcome of the sexual act, or lack of understanding of the relationship with her partner. Chronic stress can disrupt the thyroid gland, which can impair the correct hormone based erections. Pronounced obesity may also carry certain health complications that the negative impact on the quality of sex life. In addition, exposure to harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, anabolic steroids) weak as physiological and psychological foundations of healthy sexuality.

The treatment of impotence in young men

Examination by a urologist with some basic tests easy to show that you are talking about the physical causes of impotence. Adequate therapy in case of health problems, or change habits when it comes to the consequences of substance abuse or obesity over time will yield positive effects.

If he still comes to psychological causes, it is necessary to find the correct sample, the work on self-esteem and sometimes will be necessary consultations with the therapist.

Couple possible advice that we can give in this case are:

- Anxiety and fear a negative impact on the process of sexual arousal. It is necessary to enter the sex relaxed and without excessive expectations, understand it as entertainment and not a test of manhood.

- Develop open communication with my partner and build mutual understanding.

- Freeing of stress different methods of relaxation, physical activity and sincere gatherings with friends.

- Consult with loved ones / friends, get emotional and practical support from them

- During a time to take a secure means for potency , which will reduce the fear of losing an erection and to facilitate the achievement of the re-erection.