The size of the penis

When all want a bigger penis (and why!)


We know that most men somewhat "burdened" by the size of his penis. A large number feel a certain uncertainty in this respect, but there are always those (albeit rare) who like directly or through a forced joke boast above-average size of their sexual organs.

Why do men want a bigger penis

Psychological research shows that men often fear that their penis is not large enough to adequately meet the woman or to be disgraced if you compare them to other men. As a rule, women go to the bathroom, men exposing their sexual organs view as generally jealously guarded and "hide" until defecate in public restrooms, afraid of appearing "ridiculous". Therefore, if you give an honest answer to the question "would you want a bigger penis," Mrs. men would answer in the affirmative.

Do women prefer a bigger penis - poll announced the 2013 results of the survey conducted among 50 women on the subject of the size of the male sexual organ. When asked "Do you bit penis in a man?", 21 replied that it is not, unless it is not a too big or too small, 23 of them agreed that they are not important, but six is ​​decidedly concluded "bigger is better ".

Here are some of the responses:

Sophie, 24: "It is not an obstacle unless really small, but - generally speaking - what more the better, up to a point."

Aleks, 28: "My ex had a long but very thin, which was strange! In fact, I think it is not so important ... "

Merrill, 28: "Small / soft penis is not useful, but on the other hand, can cause enormous pain .. so that, essentially, is to be a normal size ..."

Women and penis - what they say studies

A study led by evolutionary biologist at the University of Ottawa, Brian Moca, conducted on a sample of 105 women shows that the penis one of the factors that influence whether a man is attractive to the opposite sex or not.

Power and his team conducted an experiment in which women are portrayed different computer-generated image of the male body (total of 53), which have varied physique, height, shoulder-waist ratio, as well as the size of the penis in the flaccid state. Earlier studies have already shown that women, on average prefer more men with pronounced shoulder-waist size (wider shoulders, narrow waist).

This study is an additional factor of influence appointed and penis size. Overall lock is that women generally appealing high and somewhat athletic men with visually larger full body. Of course, there are always exceptions.