extension of a penis

Penis size is a sensitive issue for most men. Rare are those who - if you would answer honestly - would not confirm that they want a larger penis. In most cases complex because of the size of the penis is conceited and not a real problem, but there are cases where due to their self-confidence or better satisfaction partner was desirable to increase the size of the penis.

How to extend your penis?

Official surgical procedures to increase penis length is based on cutting the suspensory ligament which results in a longer penis in the flaccid state but also a certain aesthetic complications when the erect penis.

There are certain exercises for penis enlargement that applying mechanical traction (stretching) lead in part to the aforementioned stretching ligaments and tissue remodeling sexual organ which may result in visually larger penis both in relaxed and erect state.

Exercises for the extension of the penis is necessary to discipline, but also carefully implemented over a longer period of time. Results in an increase in the application of exercises can be further enhanced and accelerated by the use of capsules for penis enlargement . It is important to choose a product with verified quality herbal ingredients and reasonable user experience. One such product are Prosize capsules.

How can extend your penis?

Thanks to the increased blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal, which occurs with the use of capsules for penis enlargement, but after a few days there is a visual increase in the size of an erect penis. If capsules are used for long enough, this increased pressure of blood in the penis further expanding the spongy tissue and allows over time to full body can hold more blood, which on further gains in size. This increase in volume, according to the data available up to 20% compared to the previous size.

The aim of the exercises for the extension of the penis is in the first place stretching suspensory ligament which gives the length of the sexual organs in a relaxed state, but also erection. In addition, so-called. exercise "milking" further stimulate increased capacity spongy tissue in the penis which facilitates expression of the effects of the capsule. Practice has shown that the increase in the length realized in this way up to 30% compared to the previous size.