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Penis consists of two parts - the body and head. In the body of the penis are two parallel chambers of spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa. On most responsible for erection. Below them is another chamber, Corpus spongiosum, through which the urethra, which carries semen and urine.

Corpora cavernosa is made up of small arteries and veins, smooth muscle fibers and hollow cavities. The chambers are wrapped in thin tissue (tunica albuginea).

When sexually aroused, nerve signals cause relaxation of muscle fibers in the chambers of the penis and widening the arteries. This allows increased blood flow that fills the cavity within the chambers of the penis.

Increased pressure from the extra blood makes the tissue around the chamber pressure of the veins that normally carry blood from the penis. It keeps the blood in the penis. How much blood touches the penis increases and gets hard to reach an erection. Prosize further increases the amount of blood that enters the penis during arousal, which is obtained on the strength and duration of erections, as well as the size of the penis during erection!

When the sexual excitement passes, smooth muscles again collected, remove the pressure from the veins and allow the blood to the penis flowing out which then returns to a relaxed state.

penis Size

For the vast majority of men the size of their penis is a sensitive issue. Few people, if they are honest, would not you say that you would like to have a larger penis.

Although many studies have shown that the size of the penis (except in extreme cases) has no influence on the satisfaction of women in the physiological sense (Masters and Johnson 1966, 1970) because the vagina adapts to every penis size, some studies suggest that higher volume of the penis can be comfortable for women because is stronger sensation on the wall of the vagina and further stimulate the clitoris.

In psychological terms, the size of the penis can have a large role for women, especially for men. A large penis visually excites some women and leaves a stronger impression of masculinity. Although women are more important emotional aspects of relationships, most of them probably would not be opposed or that their man has a bigger penis.

The psychological aspect is particularly important for men because their safety in the size and firmness of their penis gives a lot of confidence. The uncertainty of the size of the penis in men may lead to some form of psychological impotence.

TABLE SIZE erect penis
teeny Below 12 cm
Little From 12 to 15 cm
Average From 15 to 18 cm
A large From 18 to 20 cm
Huge Over 20 cm

The average volume of erect penis is about 12 cm.

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